Space and Place in the 21st Century Library

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Mansueto Library

Libraries are changing. Advances in information technology have created a vast proliferation of digital resources and the physical spaces of libraries are transforming as a result. Collections of resources move underground, off-site, or onto the Web to make room for new technologies and services. Library patrons increasingly visit libraries less to find information and more for the experience of discovery. … Read More

An Analog Past to a Digital Future

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Talking Phonograph

Music is a fundamental form of human communication, and it has existed in some form or another in every culture and in every time period of human history. Unfortunately, the formats used to record music are deteriorating, and culturally and historically valuable musical recordings are being lost forever. There is, however, no way of knowing how many musical recordings have … Read More

The Changing Landscape of the Information Environment

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The library and information environment is evolving. Gone are the days of black screen monitors with yellow letters attached to clunky keyboards, stationary reference desks, paper card catalogs and policies of hushed tones. Sleek, state-of-the-art computers populate many libraries and often can be used for almost anything; stationary reference desks are being removed in favor of “roving reference” whereby librarians … Read More

The Challenges of Audio Digitization

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It is important to preserve audio collections and make them accessible because they contain valuable information not communicated by books and images. As concerns oral histories, Stevens & Latham (2009) write: “The human voice, with all its intonation, inflection, and emotion, can convey so much more than the written page. Books teach about the past; oral histories give it voice” … Read More

Buy Music: An Ethical Response to Piracy

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Captain Kidd

Music is a fundamental form of human communication. Different music speaks to different people, but we all desire some form of it. That desire, influenced and compounded by individual and social factors, coupled with the proliferation of new information communication technologies, increasingly leads to the practice of illegally downloading music. Some people, though, given the choice between music piracy and … Read More